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It will always be safer, easier and quicker to install and retrieve your pumps on Boreline. Boreline weighs a fraction of steel pipe and is available in one, continuous length.


Boreline is NSF61 approved for use with Potable Water applications. Boreline is manufactured by an ISO9000 Certified company.


Smart weaving and extrusion results in a more efficient pumping column for the life of the well.


Boreline comes with a 50 Year Warranty for standard water wells.

Boreline Flexible Drop Pipe

Boreline turns any pump project from a major disruption into a minor inconvenience.

Your biggest investment in a well is not usually the equipment but the well itself. With Boreline, the equipment can easily be removed and the well cleaned and maintained to ensure an efficient pumping system.

A unique pumping project was implemented at the Sunshine Mine, where a 75 hp submersible pump needed to be suspended in a shaft, 3000 feet below the surface. After researching Boreline Hose applications, we chose their product to suspend a total of 9,000 lbs of weight on 5 inch Boreline, 600 feet below water to pump a shaft. The engineering staff at Hose Solutions worked closely with us on the hose and fitting specification, which gave us the assurance that this application was a sure fit for us. The installation of the pump, hose, electrical cable and suspension took only one shift and we were pumping the same day and continue to do so. There was no concerns of pump reaction on start up, or need to anchor the pump, in the open space of a shaft. Just carefully assemble, suspend, turn on and start pumping. I would recommend any mining operation faced with challenging pumping situations to consider Boreline as a solution for pumping.

Brian Higdem, Maintenance Electrical Manager

I started using Boreline in the year 2000 because the water in this area is very corrosive and I was changing out steel column pipe every three years. This replacing the corroded pipe was putting a big strain on our budgets and also the cost of pulling and setting the pump. Now if we ever have a problem with the pump or motor we are capable of pulling and setting the pump and motor ourselves. I would recommend Boreline to anyone. Believe me, you will save thousands of dollars in maintenance every year.

Robert Gomez

The City of Amarillo, Texas has been using Boreline by Hose Solutions since 2010 in its potable water wells. It is a great product to use for work in tight applications where you cannot get a rig in. Our first time to use it was in a well about 600’ deep. Boreline also allows you an energy cost saving over time because it maintains its smooth wall vs the corrosion aspect of steel pipe. Very simple product to use. It has a NSF rating.

Kenneth McColl
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