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This Water Company has used Boreline before but with the explosive growth in the area, they are installing more and more wells. In order to attract more residents to this beautiful town, services have to be in place before housing construction can begin. As usual, Boreline is used.

You may have seen this before, but let’s see it again.

Motor and pump being re-connected

The 40HP motor is connected to the pump. We will be pumping 150gpm.

750ft x 3” Boreline being unrolled

Power cable being attached along the length

The power cable is supported along the length of the Boreline using re-usable Cable Straps. 5% cable slack is accommodated between the straps to allow for the Boreline extension.

Power cable attached and Boreline connected into pump

Raising the pump

The Boreline is clamped with the elevator clamps and the pump is lifted into the well with the front-end loader. The lifting clamps will be lowered onto the well casing. The front-end loader will then be moved to the other end of the Boreline and backed-up to the well, lowering the pump and Boreline.

Boreline being lowered into well

Lowering the Base Plate

As the front-end loader approaches the well, the well-head is raised, the rolling wheel is removed from the well and the base plate is lowered into position.

That’s it!

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