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560ft x 3” Boreline Flexible Drop Pipe

This length of Boreline was installed at a mine that has been using Boreline for many years. All their wells are on Flexible Drop Pipe and this was a new well that had been drilled.

The beauty of Boreline is that it is supplied and installed in one continuous length. No joints, no welds, no connections. Just one continuous length with one fitting that screws into the check-valve of the pump and the other fitting that screws into the base plate or elbow at the surface.

Safe, easy and efficient. Just check out these pictures. This really does make sense.

Arriving at the well site with the Boreline

The Boreline and power cable are positioned for installation

100Hp pump and motor ready for installation

The Boreline has been attached to the pump using the double-ring fittings. You can see that the power cable runs over the Boreline and will be connected as the pump and Boreline are lowered into the well.

Lowering the pump and Boreline into the well

Lifting clamps are used to hold the Boreline as it is being lowered into the well. The power cable has been attached and is supported along the length of the Boreline.

Using the lifting clamps to lower the pump and Boreline into the well

Attaching the power cable to the Boreline

Final lowering of the wellhead into position

This project was completed in a matter of hours, in a safe and efficient manner. Gone are the days of cumbersome, rigid, 20ft sticks of rigid pipe.

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