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Dear Mr. Johnson;

My name is Gary Saiter and I serve as the Chairman of the Board and the General Manager of the Wenden Domestic Water Improvement District. We are a small system serving the town of Wenden with about 225 hook ups. We are also a ground water system with two active wells. While the wells are both 1,400 feet deep, our pump is located approximately 530 feet down.

Over the past several years we have had problems with our down pipes. They were galvanized, rusting and causing reductions in our ability to pump an adequate amount of water, or with them falling apart and dropping the pump and motor. Most recently in January of 2019, that happened to well #2 and we lost both the pump and motor at the bottom of the well and were unable to retrieve them.

When something like this happens, it costs anywhere from $20,000 to $36,000 and those amounts are not easy for our water district to absorb. When this happened in January of 2019, we made the decision to abandon galvanized and implemented your Boreline system. Since then, we have had no problems with its use. We recently experience an electrical problem on well #2 due to a lightening strike and had to pull the pump and motor and we discover a pinhole leak in the down pipe. Rather than replacing it, we were able to repair the problem with a coupler.

In the future, when we there is a problem with well #1, our solution will be to implement your product, Boreline once again. Our previous experience has guided this decision and we believe that it will save the department significant money in the long run.

Thank you for your help.


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