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This customer has a mine that has numerous small diameter wells. Their pumps are set between 700ft and 760ft. They installed steel pipe but this was breaking down too quickly. They also want to take samples and installing rigid pipe just makes no sense. They also tried using HDPE but had to use support cables and this became a problem handling it all when lowering into the well. They also had problems connecting two lengths as the maximum length they could get was 500ft.

Another problem was that the inches you specify with HDPE and PVC actually refer to the external diameter. Their 1” HDPE pipe has a ¾” ID, which drastically reduces flow resulting in a 28GPM pump that could only produce 9gpm at the surface. This is not efficient and places a lot of strain on the motor resulting in premature failure.

They decided to try Boreline and installed a 700ft continuous length. These pictures show the laying out the of the Boreline and power cable. Connecting the pump and attaching the power cable along the length. They have a powered hydraulic reel that was converted to reel the hose.

Once on site, the 700ft took 15 minutes to install, with one guy hanging around the well. Quick. Safe. Efficient. 50 Year Warranty. What more can we say!

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