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This installation was performed for a pipeline company that transports fuel over large distances. At one of the fuel depots, there will always be small spills and leaks that are very difficult to control. Submersible pumps are installed within and around the perimeter of the site to ensure a polluted plume does develop and enter the aquifer close by. Constant pumping and water quality analysis takes places. When pumps go down, they have to be removed and replaced immediately in a safe and efficient manner. PVC was originally used but the inefficiency and safety of rigid column was an issue while the speed with which pumps were replaced was also a problem. A preventative maintenance program is in place at a similar site and the customer wants to replicate the success of this approach to control the groundwater.

The Boreline Mini Spool-OMatic is transported to site on a trailer

The new pump and Boreline are prepared while the PVC column is removed

As the PVC column is uncoupled and removed, the power cable is rolled up along with the safety cable. The pump is in a bad shape.

A new pump and power cable are connected to the Boreline.

The Boreline is rolled up onto the Spool-O-Matic.

Boreline, pump and power cable ready for installation.

The Mini Spool-O-Matic is taken to the well and the pump is lowered into the well.

The installer installs the Boreline at the push of a button

The elbow is laid into position and the installation is complete!

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