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Many people use the “Band-Aid” approach to business. Fix or just patch it up when something breaks.
This Californian farmer was different. He was tired of replacing one section here and one section there every time the pump was removed.
The pump broke down during the spring season and the customer wanted a longer term, more durable solution to the rigid, corrosive, column pipe he had been used to.
We began explaining the benefits of Boreline and minutes into the conversation he gave us a purchase order. He understood the benefit of Zero Maintenance, Improved Efficiency, and Value Engineering.

Boreline ready for installing

The power cable is attached to the Boreline along the length of the hose.

The truck backs up lowering the pump into the well

The pump has been lowered into the well and the vehicle takes the weight. The vehicle then backs-up, lowering the Boreline and pump into the well in one continuous length.

The Final section approaches – the base plate

The end approaches and the head works are lowered over the rolling assembly before coming to rest on the well casing.

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