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This project is taking place in the middle of one of the driest places on earth, the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, where in some areas, rain was last recorded 400 years ago!

We are here because one of the local mines needs large amounts of water to operate its processing plant. Due to the quantities needed and the remoteness of this operation, transporting water is not at option.

Submersible pumps however, are the option and Boreline the solution.

These pictures show the stages involved in installing submersible pumps on one, continuous length of 4” Boreline Flexible Drop Pipe, 450ft (150m) below the surface.

No joints. No welding. No problem.

Well Casing, Boreline Lifting Clamp and Elbow

Here we see the wellhead with a cast concrete base. The Boreline will be connected to the elbow at the surface. This elbow will be bolted to the footing.


Attaching Boreline to pump

The pump, Boreline and power cable are laid in a line away from the well. The Boreline fitting is screwed into the check-valve of the pump and the Boreline attached to the fitting.

Attaching the Power Cable

The Boreline has an integrated rib along its entire length. The power cable is attached to this rib along the length of the hose using the cable straps supplied.


Lifting the pump with Boreline Lifting Clamp

The Boreline is clamped and raised, lifting the pump. Two sets of clamps are used to install the pump. No other tools are necessary.

The second picture shows the pump being held using the clamp. The second clamp can be seen attached to the Boreline.

Installing the Boreline

These pictures show the installation methodology. The clamp is lowered onto to well casing. The second clamp is lifted and this allows the first clamp to be removed and attached further along the Boreline.

In this manner, the Boreline and pump are simply and safely installed or retrieved.

The Atacama Desert

Working in one of the driest places on earth.

Final surface connection

The elbow has been connected to the Boreline at the surface and we are on line in a matter of hours.

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