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This city had problems in previous wells with steel pipe due to electrolysis and iron bacteria. Steel pipe did not last long and after numerous replacements they opted to install Boreline.

Boreline has a 50 Year Warranty and does not corrode or scale internally. More importantly, a regular maintenance program on the well screen can be put in place as the removal and installation of the pump takes a fraction of the time. In this case, once the contractor arrived on site, it took them 45 minutes to install the 125HP pump on 190ft of 8” Boreline.

They were expecting 1100gpm but with the lower head loss of Boreline, achieved 1320 gpm. This is a 20% improvement and results in the city saving energy costs as they can pump for a shorter amount of time to achieve the daily volume they require.

So what does this mean in actual savings?

The average electricty cost across the USA is $0.09/HP.
9c x 125HP = $11.25/hr. This is their hourly cost to run their pump.
If they are pumping 20 hours a day, a 20% reduction means they can now pump the same volume of water in 16 hours per day.
So $11.25/hr x 4 hours per day = $45.00 per day saving.

By investing in Boreline they save $16,425.00 per year in energy costs alone.

They are going to change all their wells to Boreline.

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