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Aggressive and contaminated water that comes from the operation of this underground mine is pumped into a settling pond. Solids are allowed to settle while a number of sprayers assist in maximising evaporation.

Hundreds of wells around the circumference of the pond prevent seepage into the aquifer of the local town. They form a closed-loop system where all underground water is pumped to the surface and back into the pond.

The aggressive water conditions ruled out the use of steel tubing which was corroding in less than 12 months while the chemical composition of the water rendered PVC and similar materials useless.

Fibreglass seemed to “do the trick” but every time a pump is pulled, damage would occur at the joints where tools are used to grip and loosen or tighten the tube.

Another solution had to be found.

Boreline is totally non-corrosive.
Boreline is available for deep pump settings.
Boreline has no joints and is installed in one continuous length.

A solution was found.

The following pictures show the removal of the existing rigid tubing followed by the re-installation of a new pump on Boreline Flexible Drop Pipe.


Rigid column pipe removed 30ft at a time

The rigid column pipe is available in 30ft (9m) sections. This is removed in sections using a crane, wrenches, cheaters, and a lot of effort.

Loosening the rigid column

The power cable is removed and laid on the side. Wrenches are used to loosen the tubing but damage is clearly visible at the joint.


Preparing the new pump

The new pump and motor are prepared for the installation.


Boreline connected to pump

The Boreline is laid on the ground away from the well. The Cable Straps are inserted into the Boreline rib and the power cable is supported along the entire length. The straps can also be used to attach a sounding tube, as can be seen in these pictures.


Boreline being lowered into well

The pump is lowered on Boreline in one, continuous length. The power cable is supported along the length with cable straps. During installation and retrieval, the power cable remains attached to the Boreline resulting in a safer working environment. No loose power cable is lying around the well area.

Tightening elbow and base plate

The Boreline fitting is connected to a standard elbow at the surface. The elbow is plumbed in to the existing piping and before long…..we are back online.

Evaporation pond back on line

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