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This small village has 2400 inhabitants. They pump water from the ground to a reverse osmosis plant and then to the homes.

Their four pumps are installed pumps on steel pipes and three years later they had problems. They continue having to replace pipe due to corrosion and for that reason, decided to spend a little more up-front in order to save in the long term.

Boreline was the answer.

In this project, 400ft x 4” Boreline was installed in a couple of hours. We arrived on site with the power cable connected to the Boreline and all we had to do was connect the fittings to the pump and elbow.

This job was completed quickly and safely.

The Stainless Steel Boreline fitting is connected to the pump.

The contractor arrives on site with the pump and Boreline already connected. This keeps work at the well down to a minimum.

The Boreline fits over the fitting and the double ring clamps are tightened using a torque wrench.

Everything is connected and we are ready to go !

The lifting clamp is tightened onto the Boreline and this will be used to lift the pump into position and lower the Boreline into the well.

These clamps are used to raise and lower the pump and Boreline into the well.

The lifting clamps are used like elevator clamps and can be tightened and loosened using an impact wrench.

The base plate is finally lowered onto the well

Up and running

The new 350gpm reverse osmosis plant

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