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Boreline Installation using Mini Spool-O-Matic

Steel pipe was installed at this mine with small submersible pumps set at around 250ft. The water quality is very corrosive with pumps lasting a few years. Steel pipes last less than a year before losing most of their hydraulic qualities.
There is a lot of iron build-up inside the pipe with the pump being forced to overcome increased pressures as the internal diameter continues decreasing.

Boreline was used to replace the steel pipes. Boreline is a continuous length so it is very quick, easy and safe to install. Also, due to it’s flexibility, no internal scaling or build-up occurs….ever !!

The elbow at the surface shows internal scaling


The power cable is attached to the Boreline rib along the entire length and the pump is connected using the double clamp fittings.

The Boreline is rolled onto the Mini Spool-O-Matic which is then backed up to the well and is ready for installation.

The pump is lowered into the well

The Boreline rolls off the Mini Spool-O-Matic and straight into the well. This is one continuous length with no joints or welds.
Quick, simple, safe.

Installing Boreline with a remote control

Job Completed

From these pictures one can see why so many customers including mines, industrial companies, environmental companies and contractors are inclined to use Boreline.

When used with the Spool-O-Matic, all site work can be kept to a minimum as most preparation work can be done beforehand, in the controlled environment of one’s yard or warehouse.

Time spent at the well is dramatically reduced to the lowering of the pump alone which, when using the Mini Spool-O-Matic, is about 30ft per minute !

Pumps can also be easily and efficiently installed with a standard pump rig. Please contact us for further information.

When using Boreline, disruptions and down-time are kept in control with this quicker more efficient and safe option.

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