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The customer has to dewater the ground around a pit. The water quality is such that the steel pipes last about 18 months before corroding through the threaded sections.

Internal scaling is also a problem as this reduces flow and bits and pieces break-off blocking filters and meters down the line.

The rigid column was removed and replaced with Boreline. The Boreline was connected to the existing pump and the power cable attached to the Boreline along the length.

The pump was lowered in 12 minutes using a pick-up truck.

The following pictures show the removal of the rigid column pipe and the installation of Boreline.

This is really as simple as it looks.

Power cable being removed

As the pump is raised, the power cable has to be removed from each 20ft section. The power cable is laid to the side close to the well. This is a danger as a falling pump or pipe, due to an error or extensive corrosion, will pull the power cable down the well.

Unscrewing rigid pipe section by section

The rigid sections are lifted and unscrewed one section at a time. At each 20ft joint, the power cable is removed and rolled to the side. The pipe is then lifted from the well and laid on the other side.

After the pump is removed, the pipe can be re-used but in this case, Boreline will be used to replace the steel pipe.

Internal Scaling

Internal scaling is a problem. This is the result after 18 months in operation.


Power Cable attached and pump in position

The integrated Boreline rib supports the power cable along the entire length of the hose. The power cable has been attached and in the second photograph, the pump has been lowered into the well.

The rolling wheel is positioned against the casing with the Boreline leading away from the well.

Vehicle lowers pump on Boreline

The top end of the Boreline is attached to the vehicle. The vehicle then moves forward lowering the Boreline and pump into the well in one long, continuous length.

The Boreline runs over the rolling wheel and straight into the well.

Head Works lowered into position

The head works are lowered into position and the power cable fed through the well seal.

Back on line

The pump is up and running. No more internal scaling and no more replacement of pipe.
Boreline has a 10 Year Warranty while the Life Expectancy is in excess of 50 years.

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