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Water for a small desert town

A small farming town in southern Arizona was growing and needed to pump more water for the new residents and farming activity. Annual rainfall is less than 10 inches per annum so water is scarce. For a town to grow, sufficient water is a pre-requisite. The water will be used predominantly for drinking water but numerous residents have small holdings where they farm and grow produce.

Thisproject is for the first well and was funded by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Arriving on site with the pump and Boreline

The Boreline fitting is screwed into the check valve that has a built in break-off plug.

This makes pump removal much easier.


line being attached to double ring fittings

The Boreline fits over the tail end of the fitting and clamped with the patented double-ring system. This guarantees peace of mind.

Note the rubber centralizer that is installed above the pump.

Pump and Boreline ready for installation

The 700ft length of 3” Boreline and power cable have been laid out away from the well.

The power cable is attached along the length of the Boreline using a re-usable cable strap system. 5% extra slack is given to accommodate the initial stretch of the Boreline during operation

A lifting clamp is attached to assist with lifting the hose and pump into position.

The pump is now lowered into position.

Pump being lowered into the well

The clamp rests on the well casing while the vehicle backs up and takes the weight.

The vehicle drives forward lowering the pump and Boreline into the well.

Lifting clamp resting on well casing

Guiding Boreline into the well

Installing 700ft x 3” Boreline

The rolling wheel is positioned at the well. The Boreline rolls over and down into the well.
This is the horizontal installation method.

This is not labor intensive and is safe and efficient.

The installation is almost complete as the base plate approaches the well.

The base plate is ready to be lowered

Base plate lowered into position

With the speed and efficiency in which this pump was installed, it is a no-brainer that Boreline is the way to go.

Quick and Easy.Safe and Efficient.
Boreline makes sense.

Job completed

On time as usual !

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