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8” Boreline Installation using Mobile Crane

This City has many wells that need constant removal for service and replacement. With all work done “in-house” it was necessary to find a quicker and easier way to service the wells than by using traditional steel column pipe.

Wells could be down for a day or two and this was not acceptable. Also, a larger crew would be needed to ensure wells are quickly and efficiently returned into operation after routine or emergency maintenance.

This is … until … Boreline was used.

Now, pumps can be removed and serviced and back in operation, in a matter of hours. This results in considerable savings due to quicker, safer and smaller crews doing a more efficient job.

100ft x 8” Boreline is laid on the ground away from the well.

Pump and motor connected at well site and lowered into well

The power cable is attached along the length of the Boreline using a safe and simple strapping system.

The Boreline is connected into the pump using the patented Double-Ring fittings assembly.

The Boreline is clamped and raised over the well.

Lowering the Boreline 50ft at a time. The elbow is then lowered into position.

2100 GPM !!

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