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In this project, the customer is a Water Company based in a town high in the mountains. They have numerous wells with submersible pumps set between 700ft and 800ft. The water is very aggressive with steel pipe lasting no more than 2 years.
With the need for a longer lasting solution, Boreline was the obvious choice.
In this project, 3” Boreline was used to pump the 240gpm of water from a depth of 750ft.

The Boreline is laid on the ground and the power cable is attached

The power cable is connected to the pump and motor

The power cable is supported along the entire of Boreline. Extra power cable is used to accommodate the 3% natural elongation of the Boreline during operation.

The pump is lifted into the well. The rolling wheel is positioned against the casing ensuring the Boreline will simply roll straight into the well as the pump is lowered.

Almost done


The base plate is lifted over the rolling wheel and lowered into position


 Project completed

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