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The Object: Replace corroding steel pipes at a leading golf course

The Problems: Corrosive water Proximity to houses Frequency of pipe replacement

Here we find ourselves at one of the leading golf courses in the state. New luxury homes are being built around the greens and fairways.
The problem is that this is in the South West USA and desert conditions exist. Lots of irrigation water is required especially in the hot, dry summer months. All this water comes from water wells.
With the aggressive nature of the water, steel pipes are corroding and are in need of replacing within 12 months.
Pumps are set at about 500ft below ground level around the course and some are close to luxury homes. Owners are not very happy to have a crew taking close to a week to remove and replace the steel pipe and asked the managers to find an alternative.
These pictures give an idea of the process of removing the steel pipes and replacing them with Boreline Flexible Drop Pipe.

Power cable connected

The Boreline has an integrated rib along its length to support the power cable. Here one can see the extra power cable that is added to accommodate the initial stretch of the Boreline.

Power cable stack

Under constant load, no creep occurs due to the nature of the high tenacity fibers used in the manufacture of this product.

Connecting Head Works

The fittings and head works are connected at the top end of the Boreline.

Pump lowered into well

The pump and 500ft of Boreline are lowered into the well over a rolling wheel. The top end is tied to a vehicle that drives towards the well.

Water pumping

The pump is started and the water flows at 540gpm. An added bonus for residents living close by was that there was now no noise caused by the vibrating rigid column. Being flexible, the Boreline absorbs the sound very well.

Removing corroded column pipe

The pipe has been removed and can be seen in the foreground. The corrosion after 12 months is very visible. The pump and motor are not looking too good either.

Boreline connected to pump

A new pump and motor will be installed on Boreline. Here the Boreline fitting has been screwed into the pump. The hose is connected to the fitting.

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